Server stats (counter)

Counters are (voice) channels with stats like floor price in SOL.

Creating counters

You can create a counter with the /counter add command.

  • type /counter add

  • select the type of counter you want

Optional: Make the channel appear under a certain category with the "category" option.

Counter type and their required options

Counter typecollectionpricetokentoken2wallet

Solana price to USD

Solana price change in %

Collection floor price in Solana

Collection floor price in USD

Amount of NFTs below price x

SPL token price in USD

SPL token price in another Token

Total collection volume in Solana

Total collection volume 24h in Solana

Average Price 24h

Amount listed

Listed total value in Solana

Solana TPS

Wallet balance in SOL

Wallet balance in SPL

Total wallet networth

For the collection field: You can enter the collection link to Magic Eden, the collection's name or the symbol.

  • your channel will be made and be updates ~10 seconds, if this does not happen wait ~15minutes. If it does not update make sure you have the permissions set up correctly.

Hint: You can change the channel type to a text channel.

You can add text in front of the data, for example the channel is called "◎8.79" You can change the name to "FP: ◎8.79" or "Floor: ◎8.79".

"◎8.79 Floor" will be changed to "◎8.79". You can only add text before the ◎, $ or up & down arrows

Delete a counter

You can delete a counter with /counter delete and click the corresponding index (see /counter list) and click enter. Make sure to also delete the (voice) channel (This should be done automatically)

List counters

you can list counters with the /counter list command. The result will look similar to this:

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