How to verify your wallet

How to verify your wallet with Solmate?

Solmate offers holder roles and wallet verification, you can see how to set it up here:

Add a wallet to your profile

You can add a wallet to your profile with /profile addwallet.

  • type /profile

  • add Click "Add Wallet"

  • Click the button in the message, you'll be brought to this site:

If the domain does not include or it's fake and you should immediately contact Solmate staff.

You will be able to connect your wallet or verify without connecting by sending sol to a wallet and entering the signature.

Supported Wallets: We support verification with the following wallets: Phantom, Solflare and Slope, contact Solmate staff to verify if you don't have one of these.

  • Click the "Verify" button on the site, you'll be prompted to log in with your wallet and sign a message. This message will NOT TRIGGER any blockchain transaction or cost a fee.

  • approve the message and you're verified, make sure the button on the site says verified.

you can check if you are verified with /profile view

if the emoji in front of your wallet is green you're verified, if red it's unverified.

Verify added wallet

You can verify wallets you have added before but are not verified yet.

Remove and view wallets

You can see your wallets with /profile

A "Add Wallet" and "Remove wallet" button should appear under the message

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