Welcome to Solmate!

Solmate has all the NFT and crypto tools you need, for the solana blockchain, holder roles, find collections, get floors, find nfts and a lot more.

What features does Solmate have?

Core features include:

  • Wallet tracker: Track your wallets and get instant updates on nft sales, swaps and more.

  • Holder verification: Verify your members by connecting your wallet and get roles based on nft holdings and things like traits.

  • Customizable server stats: Get updates and a live ticker with the sol price, floor, volume, and much more.

  • Find information about nfts (such as rarity), collections, wallets and validators

  • Create snapshots of collections and pick a random holder.

  • Change the bot's nickname to the sol price, tps and add red/green ticker roles.

  • Create static messages with the information you want to display, like wallet balance.

Want to jump right in?

Set up Solmate for your server and set up its features. Invite the bot and start making your server better!

And so much more.....

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