With holder verification you can give your collection's holders roles, and connect their discord to their Solana wallet.

Creating a panel

  • type /panel create

  • You can customize the message to your likings, this is optional.

  • Click enter and your panel is created.

  • Your panel is created! you can add roles with /panel actions addac.

Adding roles

You can add roles so users get a role when verifying a wallet (with a certain nft)

Holder roles

You can add roles so a user will get a role if they own a nft from a certain collection.

We are supporting staked nfts and roles for traits, rarity and amount of nfts soon.

  • start by typing /panel actions add.

  • Select a role to give.

  • click the option "collection"

  • Enter the name of the collection or the collection's symbol

Collection Symbol: You can see the symbol in the link on magic eden for example: the symbol is "iconic_ape_club"

  • Click enter and the action is created.

Verification roles

You can add a role users will get when they verify their wallet. If they have a verified wallet they will automatically be given the role.

  • start by typing /panel actions add

  • select a role to give

Hint: You can also add roles for users without a Solana wallet, make the option "walletrequired" false

  • Click enter and you're done.

All users with a verified wallet will get this role.

Removing actions

You can remove reactions so users will no longer get a role when verifing a wallet.

  • type /panel actions remove

  • select the role of the action you want to remove

  • If the role is connected to a collection enter the collection name or symbol in the "collection" argument.

  • Click enter

Hint: You can see if a role is tied to a collection by running the command /panel actions list

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